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For Every Dog Has A Day

I am a man of 38 working as a household servant in a rich family. That is a joint family but with separate setup for 4 brothers. All are married and elder was dead. his wife is alone and is the elder bahu. She is the crown . It was her husband made their business in big way. There is a method by which each family gets share monthly. In fact money was not a problem. But poor me was just like a bonded labourer. I was there from my 7 th year when i became a n orphan, Even though i used to go to school , and has studied metric and computer, I used to do all their stray works.kike cleaning of toilets ,purchases ,cleaning of cars etc.

I have got a respect as a member in early days. But the next generation have considered me as a slave only. There are 2 girls for the 2nd brother and 3 for the third and 3 boys for youngest. the eldest girl was 24 all others are with in 20. .Since I am a black lean ,even though muscular non attractive man they used to avoid me and even to the extend of mis behaving. It used to hurt my ego. once i have even tried to suicide.

It was in his 45 year the elder brother has passed away I was 15 then. The family was from rag to riches due to his hard work. His wife has handed over all her money and gold for their business and was considered as the pillar of their business. now all brothers are doing it well. In those bad days he has said to have married a non attractive rich girl to get a lift. She is a dark girl but with good height and structure. Bad luck ,they were issue-less. .I have the authority to go to any place ,since i was their slave. While cleaning their toilets I have seen and used many of their U.G dresses which were so beautiful. first for its appearance but after my maturity for masturbation.

I have a god idea of all the places which were not even known by the new ladies cane as bahus. I have seen many scenes of their sex life from the youngest ones. Since they became rich the later bahus were richer and beautiful than the elder.I was happy with my life with the live sex and the masturbation on their U Gs and foot wears till that faithful day. \r\nThat was a day when all were out for a marriage. Since the elder bahu was a widow she has stayed there. I was their as a dog along with 2 real dogs nothing was to fear. Since many years my habit was to do tie imaginary sex with all the beautiful bahus and some of heir maids. That day I have sent the dogs out and was ready to go for bed. then came a call from the badi bahu to reach there. I have reached there and found that a made the most beautiful one available was pressing her calf muscle, since she has got a muscle pull. I have told her to use more force for a speedy cure, but she could not do so. I was interested to go near that made to massage .

in fact my plan was to get a chance to touch that girl,whom I have fucked many a time in my nights. But the bahu told her to stay out, and asked me to do the work in force. The maid has done closing the door. and I have started doing the massage.. She has slowly pulled her sari upper and upper and i was to massage there. I was asked to come to the other side and massage the other leg. I have done so. In the meanwhile I have watched her thigh. nicely maintained smooth and along with her sweet smell I have got a n erection for the first time about her. I never has thought her in this way till then. I looked her face I found she was smiling . I said sorry. as an answer she has kept her legs on my neck and pulled me down to the bed. My man has aroused. I jumped over her and started kissing her on her mouth and has pressed her breast.

It was so tight and the nipples were hard like a nail. i was to remove her dresses. but she has done herself and embraced me and kissed in my mouth. Then only I could see her beauty . I used to see girls by color only . the marvelous body has never used for my night masturbation . A tall lady of 5.7 with hairless organs, smooth pussy,artistic but uncolored hand and feet. I have climbed on her and galloped as a horse rider with my dick fitted in her pussy. She has cried in such a loud noise to bring her maid in to the room. But she has just came and stayed there only. After the pumping we both were lying there in a small rest. But I found the maid has come to me and has started to suck my dick. I found she has an eye on the bahu ,and bahu was giving some directions. I Felt this was pre determined.. I could not control me and has pulled her and has started kissing and blowing her horns. She was the best maid in that house I anyways thought that she is a step daughter of that family. pure white with reddish feet hand and face. hairy pussy looked so natural.I.I .Did not care badi bahe any more and has made the maid naked and ha started liking and kissing all over.

Then made her thighs were forced open to push my prick in just one push. The cry was more than her malkin and she has continued it in each push. finally bahu has pulled me and made me to fuck her so as to help that poor girl. later she has told me that she uses her for her enjoyment. and since many days she knew my interest in the maid. Now only I have got a chance to have you, and as a prize you have been given her also. I told her that her body is far superior than maid but for her fair color. Later I have seen her enjoyment through the maid .it was pressing her breast and body and licking her pussy and lying on her body. I was sorry that even when such a poor slave was available still was forgotten,. WE had ind more fuck where the babhi was just a slave for me. she did all as per my wish. Her sucking was fo nice that it was million dollar suck, maid was left free sine she had an injury, asking her to report me in my room when she is fit. Babhi also seconded my order.

I was just thought of a maid but malkin has reached in my hand..\r\n I was more confidant after this exposure. It was my duty to go to her after 11 when all have retired to sleep. One day when i was passing through I saw the elder girl was sitting wih her computer . I stayed till she is going away from my way. but she has got up and moved to the toilet,keeping her computer on. I have simply saw in it, and tp my surprise found there is a sex scene of her with a budding film star. immediately I have sent a copy to my site an d left to serve her badi amma. . By now she has become my wife or more than that.She has started to take more care to her organs and has studied all my tastes and whims.\r\n When time has passed my interest has increased in the other bahu,s. I has a clear plan. One day I have told her that I am interested to have the other bahus at least once even in a unconscious form, I want only an external work only. But she told me that it is very risky but wait for a chance she consoled me. .

I have shown her the video of her nephew. she was worried. but told to leave the girl.I may just give a copy o me and I shall make her to agree for you. but you have to fuck me also to show that i an suffering for her. This will get her for all time to come an also I can get you. I did the same and I was called to badi bahus room. I went there telling that the vedio is in the hands of mine. and i am interested to have her .sense she has already have relations . Her mother was ready to do all with me,since her daughters marriage was due in a month. I have made her totally naked and I was in 90 degrees. while seeing her i forcibly took badi bahu and enjoyed even with her objections. a mokeshow .

Then I took the real feast. Really she was a royal stuff. just like makhan,, salted butter. .where ever I have caught the mark was there. I have mercilessly bitten and kissed and licked her. Her pussy itself was a enterprise. I have fucked her for many times and drank her juiced.in the last I have seen her cooperating well by catching me with her legs and kissing my mouth and face in mad way.After that I asked her and badi bahu to be my slave for life. she has fell on my feet but I have agreed not to trouble her, provided she be given to me occasionally and badi bahu to be available always. In my mind I have already planed to have her daughter after the marriage fixation\r\n Luckly in the next month her marriage was fixed with an IAS man. I have send a copy to her and made her to come to me. she was a ditto of mother. so similar in taste and size.

only a bit more in height and in tightness. She has agreed that she had many times related to him. Our relation s continued till the day of her marriage. But here also i have got a lottery. One of our fuck was witnessed by her sister also was enjoying it through the key hole. When i came out I saw her. So i have pulled her in . Even though I was not t interested in her at that time I was not ready to leave her fearing her leaking the story. She was not fighting much ,and was simply cooperating .But elder sis has tried a lot to avoid her sister. finally i made both to stay on the bed and did all externally with younger and fucked on the elder. I was happy to have a stepiny after the marriage of badi naani. Now after marriage she gives when ever she stays here now a days she has become plumby and is enjoying me better than earlier. She has understood that i have no plan to distroy her and all was for her beauty. Now I am using the chotti and she was happily enjoying.There is no black mail .she herself willingly gives or takes it from me.

She likes to make me as a slave and always want to play on the top. I am happythat the chotti is more tasty than the photocopy of mother.Since mother is available I never feel the loss of her daughter. chotti was more taller with fine tight breast and tasty pussy. only her color was bit dusky, but skin is more smooth and i felt a better fragrance in her. Now i have almost became successful to have a slave dynasty . Still waiting for others , and god given chances. Only I have to open my eyes and to grab the chances with out any mercy.
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