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Reena Bhabhi's Affair

I want to introduce ourselves I am Reena my age is 26 years and I am happily married. Other persons in our small family is my husband Rakesh. He is the only bread earner of our family we lived in Noida, her widow sister Sameera and her son, my mother in law, she is 40 years old but looking very young of her age. My husband brought new maruti car taking loan form his company we all celebrate that day now my hubby goes office by car my sister in law working in near by school just to make busy her self. I have a very nice relationship with my in laws in fact my mom in law and sis in law is like my friends they even share sex joke with me. I never forget that day it is the time around 9p. m we receive a call form stranger that my husband meet an accident I just faint but I recover myself and we all rush to hospital. My tears are rolling down form my cheeks same with mom and sis, I saw my lying hubby he hurt his face badly whole face covered with bandage.

Doctor says he is out of danger they relive him after three day we thanks god to save my hubby. After three days when the bandage open we all are shocked my husband can not see he is so nervous throwing her hands jerking his head and crying. we all pacify him that everything will be all right. Doctor say he had a deep impact in inner side of his eyes that damage some vain, he said we can try operation after six month the time needed to heal his wounds. We take him home, now we are worried about the future in fact he is in private job we know the company cannot wait for him, worst part is his boss didn't like him although his boss and colleague regularly visiting him, his boss always pacify him and me. He calls me in the office next day to sig. Insurance documents for the claim. I thanks him for kind cooperation he smiled and next act make me horrified he pinch me in my butt I saw him in anger but say nothing because my hubby sitting there. He said sorry and walks off.

Next day is Saturday and my hubby's date with doctor so I take him with me he is wearing dark glasses and put his hand on my shoulder I am start weeping seeing his condition but control myself. we reached to taxi stand but no auto is available then we saw a bus I always avoid bus but no other alternative I help him climb and followed him as I came in somebody finger in my ass I shows as nothing happened I don't want my hubby to know this I find a seat and made my husband comfortable I stand near by now I feel many hands exploring my body in jampacted bus I just can't do any thing one finger even reached to my cunt, now I feel horny scolding in front of my husband gives me a sensational kick I keep my body relax and enjoy the trip, my husband didn't know what is going on. I adjust my cloth an approach towards the gate as my stoppage came near, . Now my hubby's office on the walking distance we walk to office there is only his boss sitting in the office nobody else. He welcome me and my husband tell "i am just waiting for you", he offered us seat and give glass of water, we take our seats he start taking to my husband meanwhile he hand over some sheets of paper, the first letter form head office saying give compensation to my hubby and get rid off him as he is not able to work.

I broke into tears silently boss put his hand on my mouth and gives me second paper in this we will get the claim of Rs ten lac but on approval of my hubby's boss and third is in his hand writing about offer me a job of call coordinator salary rs 5000/- the last line is but you have to obey me to get all these. He writing something on paper and again give it to me saying don't talk write it on the paper what you say he keep talking to my hubby I want to scream no!!! You bastard if my husband is not blind he kill you right here but I know I have no other choice I said ok I am ready, I will do what you say I write on the paper he smiled then write on paper go and closed the door and get naked and keep taking to your husband. I stand up saying I am just coming hubby asked what's happens I said nothing going to bath room boss tell me the way and up a music on his computer and talking to my husband about his pending work. I came back stand near my hubby's boss and start undo my sari he take out his "land" start rubbing it write "do striptease" I start moving my hips and dance in blouse and petticoat moving my hands as a I saw in mtv. I told my husband not to worry his boss is there to help you I again feeling horny doing striptease in front of my hubby and his boss. i slowly open my blouse and throw on boss "land" like a slut now I am only in bra and petticoat he stand up and undo my petticoat now I am in only in my black panty and bra. He write again "get nude bitch", I obey him now I stand nude with my beautiful "choochi" and "hairy" cunt. He writes "good dance whore you deserve some tip" he take out his purse and give me one hundred rs note I greedily take it to please him now he tore all the paper and type on the computer "suck my cock randi" I horrified but kneel down to suck his 7' cock meat.

He again type. "suck it good you and your husband get this compensation. Suck it bad and you're on the street. "i looked down at the hard prick. Boss pubic hair was as black as the hair on his head. I sank to my knees before the half naked man. Boss put a hand on one of my naked tits. And I was shocked. Involuntarily, I backed away as till that day any other man had never touched me except my husband. "no no no!" he types again while taking to business with husband, almost crying, silently I moved backed to him. He put his hand back on my breast. He squeezed it hard; feeling my nipples becomes erect. He slipped his hand inside of my brassiere, touching my bare tit flesh. First, his palm pressed against my enlarged nipple. Then, he tweaked it between his thumb and forefinger. He kneaded my soft tit flesh as I the stunned young housewife kneeled before him obediently in front of her husband. As he moved over to my other tit, I started to cry but control myself. He moved his hand to the back of my head and pushed it down towards his erect cock. My soft, perfectly painted red lips closed around the boss's long cock. I felt his prick begin to enlarge as my tongue moved along the shaft. I moved my head back and forth sucking as much of the growing shaft into my throat as possible.

My moist, watery mouth covered his cock shaft with hot saliva. His mushroom shaped cockhead grew larger and more resilient with each passing second. The rhythmic sucking and milking of my soft velvety mouth made boss prick continue to enlarge. He was moving his hips back and forth as my cocksucking mouth aroused him further my god that bestirred talking such a way as nothing happen. My eyes were opened and I saw his pubic hair inches from my cock sucking lips. Finally, his cock was fully erect. I returned my mouth to the huge dick before me. I licked and kissed the underside from the base of his cock to its head. He again type " no sound o. k bitch" I nodded now the juice of my pussy start flowing as I suck my hubby's boss dick in office and in front of my hubby when my lips returned to his cockhead, there were drops of pre-cum oozing out. I licked around his pisshole, scooping his pre-cum into my mouth with my tongue and swallowing it. I licked it between his foreskin and his cockhead, and then sucked his cockhead into my mouth once again. The cocksucking act I was performing on the man was affecting me. Although I tried to rationalize that this was not really sex, my nipples were hard and erect, my brassiere push aside exposing my naked tit flesh. I felt my pussy quivering and throbbing, discharging hot cunt juices into my panties. I was really getting into it, and now wanted desperately to please the boss. I wanted to taste his cum, I am enjoying sucking him off. I wasn't an experienced cocksucker so I had trouble swallowing more than half of his large prick, and continually alternated between sucking near the head and kissing and licking further down from mid cock to the base where my hand was gently stroking and milking his shaft.

His prick tasted of raw sex. My tongue and lips worked to devour his one cum filled ball, then switched to the other. After a few minutes, boss had his entire 7-inch cock in my mouth, my nose was buried in his pubic hair. He then held my head steady, and positioned his entire cockshaft rapidly in and out of my mouth from his pisshole to the root. He fucked my accepting mouth for several minutes, driving his cock deep in my throat. My hands were now holding his ass cheeks for dear life, my mouth filled completely with the thick, long mass of cockmeat. My tongue licked and flicked along the underside of his cock as he reamed it in and out of my throat. Then, he grabbed my head by my long hair and roughly moved my head back and forth along his prick as he continued to fuck into my cock hungry mouth. "its time to eat my cum!" he type on the screen as he felt his balls swell in anticipation of bursting forth with a heavy load of sticky white cum. I sucked harder. Boss knew it was nearly beyond his control, that any second now it would be over. Only a few seconds more. . Just as my lovely young lips tightly pursed around his aching cock, sucking voraciously, trying to milk his cum from him. His body straining to hold back the inevitable. A gasp broke from his parched throat. He increased the volume of music. His hands grabbed my head and he shoved my hungrily sucking mouth down hard onto his maniacally jerking cock.

Finally, his prick exploded in my mouth, filling it with his sperm. Boss's cum filled balls spurted three or four large loads of their precious fluid in my mouth; I continued sucking greedily as every drop emptied down my throat. I tried to lick every moist bit of his cum from the madly throbbing head of his cock. His hot gooey semen tasted like heaven to me. I tried to swallow it all, but some slipped from my lips.
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