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Renuka-the slutty housewife Part 5

But what she had been doing with them over the last few weeks she couldn't do with Akshay. The men on the train were grown adults while Akshay was just a boy. She could tease, but she didn't dare touch. But she did want to see his fresh cock and she did want to expose her naked body to him so she would just have to find a way to make it happen. She was just getting ready to sit down again when the pone rang. She took the call and suddenly everything changed and there was a sense of urgency to make what she wanted to happen with Akshay happen. Suddenly she had a limited window of opportunity.

The phone call did give her another opportunity to tease Akshay. She got up and sat on the kitchen counter while she talked and when Akshay looked her way he could see straight up her skirt. He could see her pussy and she wondered if he could see how damp it was and would he know that his looking is what was making it damp? Was the lump in his trousers more pronounced? She thought it was and she shivered knowing that she had caused it. She really, really wished she could see his cock and maybe even touch it just once.

When her phone call ended she slid off the counter, hung up the phone and then turned to see Akshay getting up. "I need to get back to cutting the grass. I have to be done by eleven-thirty because I promised my dad I'd help him move some things. Thank you for the lemonade."

"You're welcome Akshay," she said as he went back outside. She watched him go and she was already planning the next time

When Rajesh got home she told him about the phone call. "We have an offer on the house. The couple that looked at it last Saturday have offered our asking price if we replace the cracked patio or get an estimate for having it done and subtract that much from what we want. Also, we need to finish working off that list of items she gave to us, that's part of the deal also. I told Neeta I'd have you call her back on it."

"Why didn't you just tell her to consider it a done deal?"

"I did, but you have to call her and let her know which way you are going to go. You talked about doing it yourself, but if you don't and we use a contractor we need to have a time frame for him getting the job done. If we go the estimate route we need to get Neeta the figure so she can get started on the paperwork. And, we have to start pushing to get the new house finished because our agreement with Neeta is that we would be out within forty-five days of closing."

"I'll go call her now."

"Oh, and I need you to talk to Akshay for me."

"Why? What did he do?"

"It's what I want him to do. I'm going to have to start packing and I'm going to need some help getting things down from the attic and up from the basement. See if you can hire him to help me."

"Shouldn't be a problem. Kids his age are always looking for a way to make some spending money."

"One of the items on the list that Neeta gave us was cleaning up the ratty looking flower beds across the back of the yard. Can you get Akshay to weed them?"

"I'll have him do it tomorrow. I'm going to the boat show with Ted. You interested in going?"

"No. I've some things I need to get done here. Things I have to do before we move. Ask Akshay to check with me when he comes over. I might have some things I want moved."

Sunday, as soon as Rajesh had left for the boat show she had gone to the bedroom to get ready for Akshay. She put on her tightest T-shirt and the same skirt that she'd had on the day before. Again she went with no bra and no panties. With no bra her nipples poked the T-shirt and made sexy little pimples for anyone to see. She knew the pimples would be bigger by the time Akshay arrived; the excitement she was feeling would see to that. They would be positively stiff.

The doorbell rang and she looked through the spy hole and saw that it was Akshay. She rubbed her nipples one more time and opened the door. She said, "Hi Akshay" and watched as his eyes locked onto the peaks trying to poke through her T-shirt.

"Come on sweetie," she said as she turned and walked away from him, "My list is in the kitchen."

She knew his eyes were on her ass and she put some extra wiggle in her butt. In the kitchen she picked up her list and then 'accidentally' dropped it. Her back was to Akshay and she bent at the waist to pick it up. Her short skirt rode up and at the very least Akshay got a good look at her partially exposed buns. She picked up the paper and turned to face Akshay and was gratified to see from the bulge in his trousers that she was having the desired effect. She looked at the list and then said:

"The real estate people are bringing a couple by to look at the house so the first thing I'd like you to do is clean out those flower beds at the back of the yard. While you are doing that I'm going to take a shower. I've been working up in the attic and I'm all sweaty and yucky. By the time you get done with the flower beds I should be done and we can take a look at some of the other items on the list."

She hurried upstairs and pulled the drapes open and pulled the blinds up on the window that looked out onto the back yard and then stood back out of sight until she saw Akshay at the flower beds. She moved to the center of the window and presented herself in profile and as she did it she remembered the last time she had done it and felt an electric charge surge through her as she thought of The Watcher.

Out of the corner of her eye she watched Akshay and as soon as she saw him turn his head towards the house she threw her arms up and, as she had hoped, the sudden movement caught Akshay's attention and he looked up at the window. She slowly pulled the T-shirt up over her head and arched her back just a touch to push her breasts out. She let the Tee fall to the floor and then she cupped her breasts with her hands and rubbed the nipples with her thumbs. Still in profile she raised her arms and ran her fingers through her hair.

Akshay hadn't moved. He stood there staring up at the window and she saw him rub the front of his trousers and she gloried in the knowledge that she had given him a hard on. Her knees were trembling as she moved away from the window and fell on the bed. As she attacked herself with her fingers she knew she had to find a way to let him see her totally nude. Looking up from the yard at the bedroom window would only allow him to see her from the waist up. If she were naked in the family room he could see all of her through the large glass patio door, but what reason could she have for walking around nude in the family room? Then again, did she really need a reason? No, she did not! So what if Akshay figured out she was deliberately flashing him. That would make him look all that much harder. Yes! The next time he cut the grass she would prance around the family room naked for him. But that wouldn't be until next weekend and she didn't want to wait that long. What could she do between then and the next weekend?

She was staring up at the ceiling trying to get herself off with her fingers when the idea came to her. It might work. It could happen. She put on a robe and hurried down to the basement. Rajesh had built a small locked closet where he kept his hunting rifles and shotguns. He had built it out of scrap lumber and a lot of the boards were warped so when he installed the pre-hung door he ended up with some gaps. He had never gotten around to finishing the installation by putting trim around the door when he sheet-rocked. She unlocked the closet and went inside and looked out through one of the gaps and saw that she could see almost half of the basement. It should work! There was a small ladder behind the furnace and she used it to stand on while she piled up a couple of boxes so the top ones were too high for her to reach without a ladder and then she put the ladder back behind the furnace.

She went back up to the bedroom and stood where she could watch Akshay work. When it looked like he was almost done she went back downstairs and called him into the kitchen. She was holding her robe closed with one hand and it was allowing the robe to show the upper slopes of her breasts and if she leaned just a bit forward Akshay could see all of them including the nipples. When Akshay came in she bustling around the kitchen and several times she moved by him and gave him a quick show.

"I have something I need you to do for me in the basement," she said. "Come on down and I'll show you."

She led him over to a pile of boxes and said, "When we move a lot of this will go out with the trash and some will be given to Goodwill. I can't reach those top boxes so I need for you to get them down for me so I can go through them. Then I will need you to carry the stuff I'm going to toss up to the garage. I'd like this one first."

As she said that she reached up to point at one particular box and when she did she let go of the robe and it opened up. She saw Akshay's eye go wide as he got the full front view of her body. He saw her breasts with the stiff, oh so stiff nipples, the flat tummy and the freshly shaven pussy before she said, "Oops, sorry about that" and closed her robe. "Can you do that for me as soon as you are done with the flower beds?"

Akshay said he could and then they walked back upstairs. She had noticed the hard lump in his pants and now all she could do was wait and hope. She watched Akshay from the window and when she saw him put the tools back in the shed where the lawn mower was stored she hurried down to the basement and got into the closet.

Five minutes later Akshay came down and walked over to the pile of boxes. He looked at them for a few seconds and then walked back over to the stairs and looked up as if he were listening for something and then he went back to the boxes. Apparently satisfied that he would hear if anyone started down the steps he unzipped his pants and took out his cock.

Renuka had a clear view of Akshay from the closet and she caught her breath as she watched him pull on his cock.
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