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Kunal Ki Priya

Friends, today I'll tell you about the first fuck of my life. Firstly about myself, my name is Kunal, I am a resident of Patna in Bihar, my age 20, height is 5 feet 8 inches, 8 inches tall LND.

Anil is a friend of mine, the house is in Saharsa, Rajni name of his girlfriend, he lives in eyelash, his father passed away, his family Rajni, his 4 sisters and 2 brothers and grandmother and mother live with amenities.

We may talk of 2011 is programmable to meet people first built near Metro Cinema. Earlier we were talking on the phone.

Rosie and her two beloved sisters with Rajni and Meena had a friend whom was married to Mina.

Rajni must be 20 years of age. We were watching a movie, where we sat in the box, there was no one except us Cumachati Anil Rajani started moving back and sat down next to Mina was so beloved and. Rosie started seeing it come to me and ask me to sit - you have a girl friend?

I did not put my head on my shoulders so he nodded Sir begun to see the movie, quote - Sir, you are not having any problems?

I did not answer. After the movie we went, they all went home, we came back to Saharsa.

Rosie night around 11 pm the next day called me to express their love and Kia. We're talking all night, talking to grow further.

Rosie got a call about 10 days later, he told me - I'm Chahne you know that the beloved, beloved loved by you, he loves you more than me.

And hung up.

I love Rosie was much beloved. He then became beloved to me all the time wanted to talk to me like I had loved me so much, darling!

I have phone sex with Priya and her torments lasts all night. Her older sister was supposed to be delivered in January due to the small town of her sister and family moved some people Begusarai. Rajni and Priya were left at home. Anil Rajani spoke by phone to come. Anil was at Patna, he told me to come and he went to Patna, Saharsa than I!

4:30 pm The car turned out to eyelash. Anil was found at about 8 o'clock at night Barauni Junction. It was very cold, we were at his house with some gifts, ate some of beating around the bush.

Then we come to sleep in the same room mate. I did not sleep the sleep of Anil was missing.

Rajni was about 12 o'clock at night I slept with Alan lay understanding.

I understand I slept Anil Rajani started kissing madly. Both were kissing each other, I was watching beside pretending to sleep.

Pressing her boobs and then took up shirt Anil Rajani Rajani's what made what was going on.

Then Alan came over him and under him, then took off his shirt to Rajni. Night bulb in the room was clearly visible due to burns. Anil shirt off, never taking her nipple sucking mouth, teeth bites ever. Sucking over 10 minutes - cutting Rajni's boobs had become red. Then Anil her salwar and panty down and began putting finger in her pussy lips and began kissing and she began to suffer under Alan's jeans down and started holding up LND.

Anil finger in her pussy was being made, both lips were Rspan each other, both were breathing long. Rajni LND then spat on the pussy was trying to kick down. Anil see Rajni caught the waist and pushed harder. LND Fc voice broke the pussy. Rajani sexy voice came out of the mouth.

Here I myself was tough to handle, Bur continuous sound was coming from the Fc Fc and lust in my heart was pumping.

Rajni and speaks in a while showering - Get fast, very aching. If you are reading this story on Castle dot com.

Idiot was trying to push on push, then a 5 minute cool down and was lying on her. After a while the two were cured Rajni dot dress up the other room, where Priya slept, went away.

This fuckin 'lazy man fell asleep, I saw the time, 1:30 of the night were ringing, but I was an hour piss fuck is lying to view.

Then got a call from Priya, quote - Are you sleeping?

I said - I'm in Toilet.

Bid - What are you doing?

I said - I'm hitting Mut!

He immediately hung up.

Then when I came out of Toilet. Priya was standing shivering with cold. It was also very cold.

He came to me and said - Sister I just 15-20 minutes ago, where were you?

I said - was Chuda!

Listening to quote me laugh - We know, we saw the sly!

Then hugged me and started kissing my lips and cheeks. I told him - let's chill out.

Bid - cold, cold will.

I picked her up out on the street, looked both sides, there was none, I lowered her lap and said - I love you, darling!

He started to kiss on my lips, I sucked too much beloved lips!

My desire was already bringing me, I handed him my zip opening LND.

When he caught the quote - I will not let you Chodne.

I said - why?

Bid - will not be so fat in me!

I said - not Choduga you! Just let me see your pussy

She said - No, you have cold hands!

I took her in the hall opened and Panti forcefully put on the button of his jeans. Water leaking from her pussy. I put a finger inside, then out, then put two fingers bid - is hurting. If you love me, get the finger out.

I took the hand of her Panties fingers out. Then I put jeans button.

He was happy, I started to kiss, quote - I Love You! My darling, you can do whatever you want, just do not do anything to it.

I said - the Tick!

He then started to kiss me. I grabbed her nipple top hand in was small, like pomegranate. I started sucking, began to suppress the other hand, when spoken aloud, so the issue - do not like, it will not be so big!

I did not bite and thought aloud, massages and began to cry.

I said - do one thing, you will not stifle my Suck.

Priya bid - the piss out there; he is in a bad place, I Chusugi.

I said - bring, I'm sucking you! I love you very bad place.

That quote - boo! How are you guys!

I immediately put my tongue in Bur opening beloved jeans began sucking and sucking rolled back to the same thought. The 'Oh ah C!' Were being made again and again!

About 5 minutes later he was showering and lying down. I immediately placed on the tongue by removing LND pussy and pushed harder than his waist was caught. She tried to scream louder, I pressed my lips to his lips, he started crying and I pushed on there was in a coma. A push and I walked about 6 inches. There were tears in her eyes out.

I push my loda a whole has to fit into her pussy. So I stopped and began to clean your tongue Priya tear.

She was repeatedly saying - that much pain, I think I have completely torn, Please Take! Otherwise I will die.

I ignored him, turned fuck. She cries a lot, about 10 minutes later I was showering her in Bur.

Then when LND was bleeding and he took out the pussy again and again spoke - not I tell you not to be? I will not speak to you today.

I pussy out clean handkerchief, then kissed her clothes fixed to the door of her room and took up arms. He had to sleep on the bed holding the wall.

Do not talk to me for 15 days after the day Priya talked to me, I quote - you, not me, my body is loved!

That day I cried and still cry remembering. My wife has forgotten me.

Friends, this Kunal is still waiting for his beloved.
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