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Hiking in the Mountains - Pt. 3 - Ch. 3

It took me a hell of time in regaining my senses.

“OH…! Mom,” I wiped her cunt juice from my lips with my tongue. “That was really great. You have a tasty pussy.”

“Don’t rush son,” Mom crooned. “We aren’t finished yet. How much time do you need to get it ready again.” She pointed towards my cock.

“Sorry mom, my baby is sleeping.” I looked at my limp cock resting innocently between my thighs. “It needs a little rest.”

“Ok…!” She stoked my shaft lightly. “Lets give it some time to recuperate.

She moved away from me. Suddenly, I realized in during bout of incestuous cunnilingus and fellatio, the sun had already disappeared behind mountains and the hilltop was slowly getting dark. With the sun gone it was suddenly cold as I shivered involuntarily. Mom too seemed to have noticed the change in weather as she suddenly stood, pulled her bag and pulled her t-shirt. Then she turned to me.

“Put on you clothes,” She handed my rucksack to me. “And collect some wood for fire. You’ll find them in plenty along the trail. By the time I’ll erect the tent and arrange our sleeping bags. We’ll then eat our dinner. I am sure you must be starving.”

Mom was absolutely right. Winters were not completely gone, and though the days were getting warmer with every passing day; the mountain nights could still be pretty cold. I knew plenty of dry wood and leaves would have fallen off the trees along the track from twin peak and since the tourist season had not began yet, there would be nobody else to claim those woods. Above all I too was famished, our rigorous mountaineering and equally tiresome fuck sessions had left me starving.

Mom had put her t-shirt and panties on but she had decided against putting her pants back. I too pulled my t-shirt and underwear and hurriedly ran towards the trail.

When I returned with plenty of collected wood, the small tent was already erected and mom was adjusting our sleeping bags. I deposited the woods near our tent and after pouring little kerosene ignited the fire.

The whole area, darkened since the sun set, was suddenly illuminated under fire. I spread a sheet near fire. We sat near the fire warming our cold bodies. Mom produced the food packets from her bag and warmed the food. We had our most appetizing dinner of that night. As per our plan we were to return early morning, so after we finished our dinner we were left with only limited ration for the breakfast.

Once my stomach was filled, I felt relaxed. Mom had bought a bottle of brandy with her. She opened it and offered it to me I took a sip and returned the bottle to her. She took a sip from it, and then she put the cap back and put it inside her back.

I moved closer to her and put my hands around her waist. The brandy had rejuvenated us and I was ready for our next session of lovemaking. I gently stroked her pussy, pressing her soft mound through her panties. Mom put her lips near my ear and licked my ear lobes. As my fingers moved inside her panties and entered between her cuntslit, she moaned softly.

I got up from my position and pulled my briefs down, moving out of it. Due to the fire, the surrounding area was sufficiently warm. Without hesitation I removed my t-shirt also and stood naked before mom. My cock had regained its hardness and it was boldly hovering near mom’s mouth. “Your friend looked ready.” She took the cock between her fingers and sucked its mushroomed head.

Then she pulled me to sit beside her. She started to remove her panties; I helped her by assisting in removing her panties off her legs and then proceeded to remove her t-shirt. Within a moment, she was also sitting near me, completely naked, glowing in the red orange light.

We kissed and I fondled her spongy boobs. I squeezed them brutally and she cried with pain and lust. I bent my head and sucked her tits, my hand slowly traveling along her navel area to the busy mound between her thighs. I spread her cunt lips with my fingers and stroked across her clitoris.

Mom’s cry of passion filled the forlorn mountaintop. I left sucking her boobs and slowly my head was between her thighs, my tongue protruding, ready to lap her delicious juice, which her cunt had started releasing. I pointed my tongue and forced it through her slit. My mouth was suddenly filled with her sweet nectar and I drank it ravishingly.

Mom spread her legs wider to accommodate my intruding tongue. I fucked her cunt with my tongue. After a while, I pulled my tongue out and drawn it to the narrow ridge between her cunt and ass and then slowly to her puckered hole.

As my tongue stabbed her sphincter; she moaned loudly.

“OOOOOOHHHHHH…! Honey.” She said hoarsely, opening her ass to my probing tongue. “Lick me. Lick mama’s shithole.”

I asked her to lie on her stomach. She smiled and turned her body. Instead on laying she positioned herself on her hands and knees. Her firm ass cheeks high in air, her brown wrinkled hole directly in front of my lecherous gaze. She gyrated her ass and rubbed her cheeks over my lips.

“Lets see how you respond to a new kind of stimulation.”

I didn’t waste any time and jabbed my moist tongue into her puckered hole. My cock was responding fantastically to the stimulation, which I was receiving through my tongue, pulsating wildly in air and rubbing against her bare thighs. Mom watched from between her spread thighs, and she too noticed my tottering hard on.

Mom thrust her mouth-watering ass into my lapping tongue. One by one, she was slowly exposing her pupil to different aspects of sexual delights. I put my hands over her tight ass cheeks and grabbed it firmly, forcing her cheeks to spread apart. Her brown puckered orifice was totally unveiled before my hungry eyes.

Mesmerized, I looked at the cutest asshole of my life and got myself ready to explore it. Again, I ran my tongue from the small of her back towards her delectable orifice. Forcing her ass to open more. I pushed my wet tongue between her firm ass cheeks and flickered the tip across her brown hole.

“OHHHH…!” Mom moaned, lifting her ass higher into the air. “Eat my ass.”

No way, I could have refused her invitation. I could feel my cock jerking excitedly against her creamy thighs. I spat at her open hole and began licking her ass, savoring its pungent but intoxicating aroma and slightly acrid taste. Mom was pushing her back towards me, running her opened crack to my licking tongue.

My head still buried into my mother’s spicy ass, I moved one of my hands between her thighs feeling her dripping pussy lips. I entered two of my fingers inside her cunt. Her cunt was soaking profusely. I ran my fingers in and out of her pussy getting my fingers completely soaked with her lubricating fluid. I then pulled my fingers out of her pussy and brought them to her anal opening. Using her cunt fluid I lubricated her sphincter and slowly forced both fingers inside her rear orifice.

“AHHH!” Mom cried with pleasure, as I felt her ass muscles first expanding and then contracting around my intruding fingers. Her pussy juice acted as a perfect lubricant and slowly my fingers were buried up to my knuckles. I let her enjoy the feel of my fingers inside her hot chute for a moment and then began moving my fingers in a to and fro motion. My tongue was still at her anal opening and continued licking her asshole and my reciprocating fingers.

“Yes, honey, fuck my ass.” Mom was wailing with emotion. She extended her hand from between my thighs and grabbed my cock. She pulled my rigid cock and cried again. “Please, fuck my ass.”

I immediately obliged her and removed my probing fingers out of her sphincter. She too left the hold of my cock and positioned herself for my onslaught, her face resting on the sheet and her tight hot ass looming high into air, her anal orifice ready to accept my impending organ.

I took hold of my cock and tried to position it at her anal opening. But she moved her ass away denying me any entry. With one extended hand she took my cock and guided its head at her pussy lips.

“Use my cunt to lubricate it first.” Her voice was husky, not more than a whisper.

I got the idea and slowly I impaled my cock inside her dripping pussy, driving its entire length into her ravenous depths. I moved my cock in and out of her pussy for a number of times and let it lubricate my fuck tool.

“Now bugger my ass.” Mom cried pulling her body in forward direction. I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and with lustful eyes I targeted her brown anus with wrinkled entrance.

“Do it now, I can’t wait any more.” Mom was literally pleading to me. She put both of her hands over her cheeks pulling them apart to make room for my cock.

With one hand I guided my wet cock against the opening of her ass. Her ass twitched with the contact of my cock. I slowly plunged my hips forward and its tip started moving inside her ass. I could see her sphincter muscles slowly expanding around my invading cock head and within a second my cock head was lost into her divine ass.

“AHHHH… OH, OOHHH…!” She moaned. “Shove it deeper, honey, shove it deeper!”

I plunged again, this time burying almost half of my cock inside her. Then I pulled my hips back and again forced my cock deep into her rectum. I continued with my in and out motion till my whole cock length was immersed into her hot chute.

Feeling my complete cock length was inside her; she removed her hands off her ass and supported it around her head. Mother’s ass was pretty tight, much tighter than her pussy. It was altogether a different feeling, a different experience.

I grabbed her hips and started pumping my hot rod in a rhythmic motion, pulling my cock out of her chute in a stroke and then plunging it back with the next stroke into her ravenous depths. I wanted to enjoy every moment of my first anal fucking and so kept my pace in a disciplined manner.
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