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Rani And Me In The Dark - Chapter 02

After that beautiful night with Rani, my sister, we missed no chance to have sex. We would sometimes have a quick fuck half naked if time was short. Often in the unromantic places like the store room, kitchen, or bathroom, at those times Rani would usually just suck my Lund (prick) until I came... I would then tease her wet hot choot with my finger as we smooched, until she would cum or tell me to stop. Theses chances would allow us to get our heat out quickly but I have to say, they only made me hornier. I longed for the chance to spend a few hours naked in bed with her to really enjoy her fabulous body.

Whenever she sat behind me on my motorcycle, she would let her hand slip down to the bulge in my trousers and press and squeeze my Lund until I almost came in my pants. Once I was so horny due to the feel of her hand on my Lund and her breasts pressing against my back that I pulled off the main road into a deserted area where the arcadia bushes were growing wild along the road side and, stopped where some bushes made it hard to see us. I then made Rani bend over the seat of my parked motorcycle. Unzipping my jeans and pulling my Lund out, I pushed her shalwar (baggy trousers) down, over her firm ass to mid thigh and quickly pushed my Lund into her boiling hot wet choot, from behind; then I fucked her hard and fast until I came. A car had gone by at great speed and scared us both... We got such a shock that we both hurriedly got back on the motorcycle and rode away quickly When we got home, Rani was shaking and warned me to never take such a risk again. The motor cycle seat had a wet patch on it where Rani had been sitting. My munni (baby juice) had leaked out of her choot, through her shalwar and panties.

She wiped it with the end of her dupatta (long neck scarf). She had then gasped and looking quickly to see if anyone was watching, told me to zip my trousers up. In my haste I had not zipped it up. We decided there and then to keep our activities inside our house only. You might think that my life was now very good. It is true that I was very happy. But my studies began to suffer. So did those of my sister. Our parents became increasingly angry at our college grades. The dark circles under my eyes caused my father to privately reprimand me for masturbating too much. If he had known the truth, he would have slay me. As the exams were approaching fast, my father made it clear that I had to do well or else I would have to leave college and find a job. I decided to ask my friend and class fellow Kamran to help me with my studies. As happens with studies, we ended up sitting for hours and hours trying to get our brains to work. As we always sat up very late and Kamran lived at some distance from my house, my parents suggested that Kamran spend a few nights at our house. Kamran's parents were quite happy with this as they did not like him riding his motorcycle home late at night. After about three nights of this joint study, Rani came up to me in the kitchen and asked me when we would be able to meet again? We had been unable to find time for even a quick session in seven or eight days. Someone always seemed to be around or my parents had some errand for me to do.

We were both very hot and Rani was wearing a very thin shalwar Kamiz suit which showed her figure very clearly. I squeezed her breasts and pressed myself against her body as she said ?Do something Bhai Jan! I am so hot. I want to feel you? I released her as I heard my mother coughing from the lounge. ?Later Jaani? (darling) was all I could say. Later as I sat with Kamran trying to study, all I could think of was Rani and how much I wanted to stick my Lund in her choot. I imagined the smell and taste of her shaved pussy and the hot tightness of her cunt around my Lund and felt like my balls would explode. Kamran looked at me and said ?Maybe we should quit early tonight. It is already 11.30 and I can see on your face that you are fed up with this? I smiled and agreed. But I had another reason to be happy. When Kamran went into the bathroom to wash up and brush his teeth, I went to Rani?s room and knocked on the door. ?What?? She asked in a cross voice. I opened the door and so my parents could hear said ?Can we have two glasses of hot milk please? Rani looked at me puzzled ?Milk?? ?Yes? I said winking at her and squeezing my cock and balls slowly ?We are going to sleep early to night for a change? Rani smiled and happily got out of bed, ?OK Bhai jan? she said and kissed me on the lips before I closed the door and went back to my room. I had waited until I was sure that my parents were fast asleep and Kamran was snoring lightly. I checked the clock for the hundredth time and feeling secure; I slipped out of bed and slowly opened my bedroom door and tip toed out to my sister?s room. As soon as I had opened it she had rushed over to me and pulled me inside. Kissing my face and pulling me towards the bed. My Lund was hard as a rock I embraced her and kissed her passionately. Pushing me backwards onto the bed, she pulled her kamiz (long shirt) off and untied her shalwar. In seconds she was naked and moving to get on top of me.

I had meanwhile removed my shalwar and vest, my hard Lund, throbbing as I held out my arms and pulled her down on top of me. We both understood that we had to be as silent as possible. It was the first time we were risking sex at night with our parents in the house. Then too, there was Kamran next door in my room. As I kissed and sucked her nipples, Rani took hold of my prick and guided it to her cunt. She was so hot and wet, my Lund slipped into her beautifully tight pussy without to much trouble. I saw Rani bite her lip as she sat down slowly on my Lund and let her choot swallow it fully. She moaned softly as I began to move my hips up and down, my Lund fucking her boiling hot hairless pussy with fast hard strokes. I pulled her ass apart with my hands, squeezing her beautifully firm buttocks and biting my lips to stop from calling out in pleasure. She fell against me, her long black hair covering my face as she whispered ?Oh bhai Jan! I love you so much.? Her sweaty full breasts pressed and rubbed against my chest as I held onto her hips and gaand and fucked her. Like a volcano, my munni (sperm) exploded up from my balls into her hot tight fuck hole. She gasped and moaned as I filled her up with my juice. We both lay panting with our eyes closed as the last shots of sperm emptied into her hole. Suddenly, Rani went very tense and reached behind her wildly with her arms, I felt the bed move and opened my eyes to see Kamran behind Rani on the bed, his legs were astride ours, and he was naked. He smiled at me and said firmly ?Keep quiet, both of you? I was too stunned to say anything. We were caught! My Lund was still in Rani and was now rapidly shrinking in fear as I suddenly felt Rani?s hips buck and shudder repeatedly as she pressed her face into my neck and moaned ?Bhai Jan! He is putting his lund (cock) in my gaand (ass)? After a few hard thrusts, I felt Kamran?s Lund through the thin membrane between Rani?s cunt and rectum. His hard hot cock was maybe half way in my sister?s ass and rubbing against my cock in her cunt. As Rani began panting and moaning, he began to expertly fuck her ass. Each stroke seemed to send a bit more of his cock into her back passage. His hands held her ass cheeks apart as mine held her hips.

I felt my own Lund grow hard again. The feel of him in her ass and the idea that Rani and I were involved in a threesome made me hot. Rani had stopped whimpering now and feeling my prick grow hard again, she moaned into my ear ?Oh Mani ?Ooooohhh Fuck me please fuck me.? I began to move my hips up and down, sending my Lund in and out of her munni( spunk) filled choot as Kamran rammed her ass. Rani cried out ?Aieeee!? As she came over my Lund. My groin and balls flooded by a mixture of Rani?s pussy cum and my juice. I put my hand over her mouth, frightened that her cries would wake my parents up?. Kamran had also stopped when she cried out, then seeing that I had covered her mouth he again began to move his cock in and out of her tight ass hole. To my surprise, Rani shivered and came again, just as Kamran shot his munni into her rectum. I felt his cock throb and explode and I too came. Kamran pulled his Lund out of Rani?s gaand and after two or three minutes got off the bed. Rani got off me still shivering and shaking, and lay exhausted beside me looking at Kamran with fear. I sat up and watched Kamran as he pulled his shalwar and vest on, my heart whopping very fast as I waited for his next move, unsure what to do. The last thing I wanted was for my parents to find the three of us in Rani?s room with her full of semen. Kamran then left the room without saying a word. After a few minutes of silence Rani asked me ?Now what will happen Bhai jan?? I dressed quickly and told her not to worry about it.

When I got back to my room, Kamran was in the shower. I sat on my bed and waited for him to come out. Kamran looked at me as he came out and said ?Don?t worry yaar (dude). I will not tell anyone about you two. Promise.? I was so relieved to hear this but asked him ?What do you want in return?? He sat on the other bed and said ?nothing? I did not believe him but I thanked him. ?Yaar!? He said with a smile. ?You are a lucky man. I will never do anything to harm you or Rani.? He then told me how he had suspected something was going on after he found Rani looking at me in a hot way when she brought the milk to our room. He had woken up later and found that I was not in my bed. He had then heard sounds from next door, Rani?s room and knew from experience living in a large family, with two married brothers, what those noises were. He had sneaked to the door of Rani?s bedroom and listened as the bed shook and we moaned. Trying the door, he found it open so he stepped in and saw Rani riding me. My Lund pounding in and out of her choot.
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