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Another Cuckold Story Part 02

After she had gone out, I called up Javed on phone and asked if he was ok with meeting us tomorrow for dinner. He was absolutely thrilled and agreed to meet us at Mahesh Lunch home. We decided to meet at around 7 so that we have some time to spend with each other. After settling this, I hung up the phone.

Our first meeting in hotel was fairly casual. Priyanka is somewhat conservative. So even though I had asked her to wear some sexy western dresses, she had never worn it. She always preferred to wear salwar kameej or sari occasionally. She even didn't wear sleeveless dresses. It was a real pity as she has nice fleshy fat arms and she looks absolutely sexy when she wears sleeveless.

She was wearing a red colored Punjabi dress that day. Even though it covered her entire body, it was a bit tight and hugged her body tightly and her curves were clearly visible. All through the evening, Javed's eyes were just on my wife's curves. Priyanka is a bit plump, but Javed had said that he liked plump women. And all through the evening, his eyes were assessing my wife's curves and fleshy tits. Every now and then his eyes would rest on her breasts. Soon even Priyanka became aware of his gaze on her tits and she blushed every time he looked on her boobs. But to my surprise, Priyanka even encouraged him by pulling her dupatta high up towards her neck so that it was not covering her breasts. Normally whenever we went out she used to cover her breasts with dupatta, but here she was giving Javed a blatant view of her breasts.

All through the evening, they talked to each other and I was somewhat sidelined although I didn't mind it. Initially Priyanka was a bit shy, but soon she became comfortable with him. In fact as I noticed, she even started enjoying his company. Javed was quite talkative and attractive. She smiled up at him all the time and laughed at all his jokes. Javed ordered non-veg for himself while we ordered veg. We finished our dinner and they were still talking to each other. After we had finished dinner, Javed suggested that we look at his new car and Priyanka responded enthusiastically for this.

She had always loved a car, but right now we couldn't afford it as we had a home loan to repay. But Priyanka had always wanted a car. So the moment Javed suggested seeing his car, she agreed enthusiastically and we all went towards the parking. Javed's car was a brand new Passat. It must have cost him at least 30 lakh. It was shining black in color and absolutely wonderful. As he started showing each feature to Priyanka, she was very excited and asked him lot of questions. Javed answered them with interest and Priyanka also showed very keen interest in his car. This went on for almost 15 minutes before Javed finished.

And it was at that moment I realized something about my wife that I did not realize in all our married life. Power and money excited her like nothing else. She was attracted to powerful men with money. We had often spoken about any other men, but all of them were normal middle class people like me. Javed was the only one who was rich good-looking and powerful. It was no wonder that she had agreed to meet him only. Javed was a builder and he was obviously very rich. He also had lot of political contacts and wielded considerable power. I suddenly remembered how Priyanka's views had changed the moment I had told her about Javed's background.

Javed suggested that he will drive us home and Priyanka once again readily agreed, So Javed opened the doors and I got in the back seat. Priyanka was about to enter when she thought for a moment. Then she said to me.

"Aniket, I will sit in the front seat with Javed. I hope you won't mind. It won't look good if we both sat in the back seat. He is not our driver." I melted away in the brilliant smile she gave me and nodded. She closed the door and then went towards the front seat and opened it. She slid beside Javed in the front seat and closed the door. Her lovely hair was open and spread on her back. Javed smiled at me for a moment and then asked her to fasten the seat belt. She struggled to fasten the belt, so Javed quickly leaned towards her and helped her. As he was doing it, her boobs were pressed against his body and I felt Priyanka blush. So we started and Javed dropped us home in about 15 minutes as there was no traffic. Once again Priyanka needed Javed's help to unfasten the belt. Then we both got out and said bye to Javed and reached home.

From next day, we often started meeting each other. Sometimes we met in hotel for dinner, sometimes for movie. We had already agreed that we will meet together and so I would always with Priyanka whenever they met. This went on for almost 6 months. But after that I started to notice that there was a clear sexual tension between Javed and Priyanka. Sometimes Priyanka would touch him to clear a speck of dust from his shirt. Sometimes he would touch her mid riff while walking besides her

Also, what I had been trying to achieve all through my married life, somehow Javed achieved in just 6 months. Soon after we had met Javed, she bought 5 new salwar kameej. She didn't attach sleeves to any of those. Also she bought 4 sets of top and jeans. 2 of those 4 were sleeveless and she also bought 4 saris with sleeveless blouses for those. This was a real sea change for a shy conservative woman like her. From then on, whenever we met Javed, Priyanka would always wear either western or sleeveless and made sure that Javed had all the view of her sexy fleshy naked arms. And I could clearly sense the sexual tension between them although nothing had happened till now.

One Monday morning though, I got a call from Javed. I was in office at that time.

"Hi Aniket, How are you? Where are you now?" Javed asked me.

"I am in office. Is something wrong?" I moved away from my desk to avoid anyone hearing our conversation.

"I was wondering if you and Priyanka would like to come on a 3 days vacation with me to Alibaug. You know next Monday is a holiday and we 3 could spend great time together. We will go there on Friday evening and come back Monday night. I don't think Priyanka will mind." I smiled at the way he took Priyanka granted. But then I also knew that he was right.

"I guess so. I will talk to Priyanka and call you in half an hour. Is it ok?" I walked towards the cafeteria and sat on an empty table. There was no one else in there, so I could talk freely now.

"Yes sure. I will wait for your call." I ran a hand through my hair.

"But we will need to book a hotel room there." I thought about that.

"Oh don't worry about that. I own a bungalow right on the beach. It has 8 rooms, a swimming pool as well. We will stay there and we can order food from any of the hotels outside."

"I am sure Priyanka would love it." I said and then said bye to him and disconnected the call. Then I immediately called up Priyanka and asked her if she would like this. She seemed more than enthusiastic to the idea and agreed immediately.

After confirming this, I called up Javed once again.

"Hello Javed, Priyanka is ok with Friday evening. But how will we go there?" I knew that Javed would bring his car along, but I just wanted to confirm it.

"Umm we can go by my car. But I had thought of another plan if you are ok with it. Do you know how to drive car?" I had learned it and even had a driving license.

"Yes, I can drive the car." I replied him.

"Well, then why don't you drive the car? I will come with Priyanka on my new bike. I have imported it from U.S.A just few days before and wanted a long ride with it. Priyanka was very much interested to ride on it. You know how much she likes new car and bike. Is that ok with you? "

The thought of my sexy wife sitting behind Javed and both her hands wrapped around his waist lit up in my mind.

"I am ok with it. I will tell Priyanka about this." We both talked for a few minutes before I disconnected the call.

(To be Continued)
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