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Another Cuckold Story Part 03

In the evening, I went home and then told Priyanka about our plan of travel and even thought she didn't show it, I knew that she was somehow excited that she would be traveling alone with Javed. The week end arrived pretty quickly and soon it was Friday. When I reached home, Priyanka opened the door for me and simply bowled me over.

She was wearing a white colored sari with floral designs on it. It was fairly transparent and see-through. She was wearing a block colored sleeveless blouse under it. Her hair was tied using a chop and spread on her back. She was wearing a gajra in her hair and she had her lips painted red bright with lipstick. She was wearing a soft perfume and was wearing lots of jewelry. She was wearing steel colored bangles matching the color of her sari. She was wearing a set of lovely ear rings and a mangalsutra. She was also wearing one more necklace above mangalsutra and she looked absolutely sexy with her arms naked.

"Hi, you are very late. Go and get ready. I have already packed our suitcase." She closed the door behind me. I turned around and looked at her from head to toe. She noticed my gaze and smiled at him.

"So how do I look?" She came near me and wrapped her hands around my waist.
“You look stunning” I said. But In my mind I said "You look like a woman who is all decked up to get fucked by a Muslim hunk. " I touched her naked skin on her stomach. But she quickly slapped my hand and smiled. Then she slowly moved her hand to touch my cock which was already stirring. I tried to kiss her, but she stopped me.

"Hey don't spoil my lipstick." She pushed me away. I smiled at her and then went in the bathroom and showered. Javed had agreed to drive to our home in his new bike and one of his drivers will bring the car. After meeting He was going to ride with Priyanka and I will have to drive the car behind him.
He was going to release his driver because I was going to drive his car. Just as I finished wearing my clothes, I heard my cell phone ring. Just as I entered the hall, I heard Priyanka answer it.

"Hello Javed, where are you?" She adjusted her sari a bit and ran her hands through her hair. Javed must have told her.

"OK, can you wait for us on the bus stop on the same road? I am sorry, but our society is very gossip oriented. If I sat behind you on a bike, it will raise lot of eyebrows and there will be lot of gossip. So I hope you won't mind waiting there. We will be there in 10 minutes. And once again thanks for understanding." She smiled as she disconnected the call.

I was almost ready now.

"Hey let's go. Javed is waiting for us on the Bus stop. I have already packed everything we need for 3 days." She went in the bedroom and then brought a bag in the hall.

I nodded and picked up the bag. Priyanka picked up the keys to our flat. We both got out and she locked the door behind us. Then we got in the lift and went down. It took us hardly 5 minutes to reach the bus stop. We saw Javed's car there and then I stopped. Priyanka spotted Javed in his bike and smiled at Javed.

The moment Javed's eyes rested on my wife, his eyes lit up. "Wow, you are looking sexy in this sari." He said as he eyed my wife from head to toe. Priyanka blushed as she noticed Javed's eyes hovered on her breasts. Her sari was very transparent and Javed could easily make out shape of her breasts.

"Thanks, you are also looking nice “.
“Can you help me put this bag?” She said to me

She extended her bag to me. I took it from her hand and passed it to Javed’s driver. After putting the bag in proper place Javed’s driver got out of the car from the other door and gave the keys to me.

"Hi Aniket, how are you? Are you ready to drive?" Javed said from the bike. I replied to him as I took the keys.

"I am good. How are you? Have you thought about dinner?"

"We will be there by around 9. Once we get there, we can order it after getting fresh. I hope you won't mind if we order dinner at about 10:30." He turned towards my wife as she stood there. Priyanka smiled and replied.

"Of course, I don't mind. Even daily we have dinner at about 10. Half an hour won't make much difference." She was adjusting her chop in her hair and her naked armpits looked sexy.

"Great, then we will order dinner once we get there. Don't worry about us Aniket. We are on bike, so we may be able to avoid traffic easily. Don't worry about catching up with us. We will go ahead and you can catch us later." I nodded and then got in the front seat and started the car. Priyanka attached a pin on the pallu of her sari and attached it with her blouse so that wind wouldn't blow it away. The she waived a hand at me and got on the pillion of the bike. She smiled at me as I started the car and then to my surprise wrapped both of her hands around Javed's waist. She had never done that for me. She always used to put her hand on my shoulder lightly for support. She surprised me even more when she then moved closer to Javed and rested her head on his shoulder and then smiled seductively at me. Her breasts must be pressed hard against Javed's back and every time he would put the brakes on, her breasts would have rubbed against Javed hard. Javed also turned and waived at me and then they rode away and I started to follow them.

As Javed had mentioned, because they were on bike, they were able to cut through the thick traffic easily, but I was left behind. It took me almost 9:00 to reach near Alibaug. I ringed her in her mobile phone but she did not take it. After 10 more minutes I reached Alibag. I didn't know where to go. So stopping at a point, I called up Priyanka's cell again. This time after a few rings, she answered the call. As she was answering I herd a continuous water falling sound that is more like a shower. She must be in a bathroom.

"Hello Aniket, where have you reached?" I looked around to see any landmarks and I noticed a big hotel immediately.
"I have reached Alibaug. I am standing just next to a big hotel named Kala. It's a big building." I looked at the road ahead.

"Ok, I know it. It's just near to the beach and Javed's bungalow. You just follow the same road towards the beach and take one left turn. Once you take left, Javed's bungalow is second as you go in. It's named Jannat. It's a big white colored building. That's' the only white one. So you can't miss it." I looked ahead and noticed that it was a fairly short road for a car.

"OK, I will come there." I got in the car once again and started the car.

"Just drive straight in and park the in the parking lot. There is one lot there just as you come in and then come to the bungalow. I will keep the door open for you. You shouldn't take more than 10 minutes."

"Ok, I will be there." I disconnected the call and started to drive the car. I followed Priyanka's directions and was entering Javed's bungalow in hardly 5 minutes. It was a sprawling bungalow with a nice landscape. I went in and parked the car. I locked it and then went towards the bungalow. As Priyanka had mentioned, the door was already open.

I entered and then closed the door behind me. It was very posh bungalow with 2 floors. I looked around and there was no one. Then I heard my wife laughing and it sounded like it was coming from the second floor. I followed the voice and could hear her clearly now. In a moment, I was near at a half closed door. I looked in and was shocked even though this was what I had wanted all my married life.

(To Be Continued)
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