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The Making of a Cuckold - Pt. 01

That was quick!'

My wife was looking up at me half smiling...

I felt somewhat embarrassed. We had been playing about in bed as married couples do who have been together for some years. I had just rolled on top of Deepti, with her encouragement, but as I entered her I just exploded.




'Err... not sure.'

'Well something must have set you off. That's not happened in years. Come on... share it...'

'Not sure I can.'

'Why not?'

'I think you might be upset.'

'Try me. If it turns you on so much maybe we should explore it...'

Deepti had by now wriggled out from underneath me and was lying on her side looking at me, her head propped up by her right hand. Clearly I was not going to get away...

'What was it?'

Nervously, hesitating again I looked at Deepti who was starting to grin.

'Darling are you alright? You look embarrassed'

I looked away and down as I felt Deepti's left hand encircle my penis which was starting to harden again.

'Oh my something's really exciting you. You've never got this hard again so quickly in years...'

I looked up again. I was excited.

Now Deepti was gently moving her hand up and down, feathering her fingers over my groin and balls. Exquisite. I took a deep breath. 'I was thinking about you and Dipak.'


'Yes. I found as we were playing together with each other, talking about the evening, I had this mental picture of you and him...' my voice trailed off


'Afraid so. Yes'

Now Deepti's eyes were full of laughter, as was her voice.

'So you climaxed as you entered me thinking exactly what?'

I knew I was going red in the face.

'I imagined he was fucking you instead of me.'

'Hai bhagban, that is nasty.'


'Oh don't be sorry. It's just somewhat surprising. What led you to that?'

'You really want to know?'

'Sure do. Anything that can bring you off that quickly is something I should know about.'

I tried to put my hands round Sandy to draw her in for a passionate kiss.

'No way. That can wait. I want to hear the story. You've never met Dipak till now anyway.'

I sighed.

'I think that is just the point. I had never met him, but I knew from our conversations over the years that he was your lover when you were at university and that he had then gone off to Australia for an engineering job in mining. He sends a New year card each year and, I'm guessing as this I do not know for sure, one of the Valentine cards you get each year is definitely not from me...'

'You’re kidding?'

'No. You have always commented how did I manage to arrange to send them from so many different countries, how outrageous they were...I have denied sending them but you have never believed me.'

'Till now.'

I could see that Deepti was now thinking about this. Her hand was just holding my cock which was firmly hard, gently throbbing.

'Go on.'

'I also know you get a letter in those New Year cards. I suspect you sent at least one back.'

Deepti's hand dropped from my cock.

'You know about those letters?'

'Not what's in them but once a couple of years ago when you were ill and I was looking after the children the cards came in and I opened them.. including the one with the Australian postmark. There was a letter in it for you, marked 'private' and because I was rushed off my feet with the twins I just glanced at it. I thought very little of it then... but later it started me thinking..'


'I remember it started off 'Dearest Deepti' and at the end number of ''kisses'' had been added at the bottom. Then when I looked for it to give it to you I could only find the card.. I assumed I had lost the letter, but later after the next Valentine's day card came in post marked Singapore it set me thinking. Singapore and Australia are very close.. ' Now Deepti was really concentrating on me..

'Then last New Year you tell me he's now got a job in Bangladesh teaching practical mining engineering and that he's suggested we meet up for dinner here at in Delhi on his way through later on in the new year. Seems ok, but I start to wonder what you guys were like together, what you write to each other, and when I do it excites me'

I looked away somewhat shamefaced.

'Sorry but it does.'

Deepti's arms were now round me and she was kissing me. I was holding her also. My penis was rock hard.

'Relax darling. It's ok. You can tell me. Seems like you enjoy talking about it anyway...'

Deepti was now rubbing her body against mine... and there was a solid bar in between..

'Then we meet him this evening and you clearly still do like him a lot. There was a sparkle in your eyes and you flirted a little with him.'

I hesitated again..

'Go on. I want all of it. All your feelings..'

'There were a few moments tonight which made me squirm, my stomach ache, but excited me and all evening I kept of finding myself with an erection.'

I stopped. Surely that was enough.

'Go on, you must tell me if it turns you so much' 'I find it somewhat humiliating.'

'But clearly that also turned you on tonight .'

Deepti was again playing with my erection and now also teasing my nipples with her other hand. I just held her. I could not concentrate on anything else.

'Did it?'


'Turn you on.'


'Oh my we are finding things out tonight...' 'Let's hear the rest of the story then. What few moments??'

'When we arrived and I excused myself as I had to go to the bathroom. I was so screwed up with tension. Then when I returned you had already gone to the bar. As I walked in I could see you and a man, which turned out as I expected to be Dipak, sitting side by side on stools chatting. You were flicking your hair and as I approached I could see the fun in your eyes.'

'That's all it was Sunil, just fun. I love you.'

I could see Deepti was concerned now. I think she was realizing that this could turn quite serious.

'It's ok Deepti I know that. It's just... I don't know it turned me for some reason. Even more so when I arrived and had to stand behind you both for a moment before you turned and introduced me. You never said he was that much larger than me or that he was so strong. He nearly broke my hand when we shook hands you know. It's still tender.'

I looked hard at Deepti when I said this and she had the good grace to blush a little and look down.

'I did not wish you to be jealous.....I know he was a bit of a 'hunk'... That's why I went out with him at University. And it seems he still is..."

I jerked as Deepti said this and clearly she felt it through my penis.

'So you like that do you?'


'Come on you know.'

I tried to look away but the pillow and bed would not allow it and then Deepti's hand which had been playing with my nipples took my jaw in her hand and turned my face to her. Leaning in she kissed me, gently at first, then with more force till her tongue was in my mouth, whirling around. As we broke apart a slightly serious look came over her.

'Imagine that was me and Dipak'

My whole body shook and jerked and I felt as if I would climax again.


I felt worse, but oh so excited. I was sure I had never been harder.

'Go on'

'Then there was no seat for me next to you so I had to take one next to Dipak.'

'I know and I thought it was very nice of you to say to Dipak that he should talk to me rather than try and lean back. Those stools were so tight into the bar.'

'True. But as Dipak turned his back to me.. it was as if I was there on my own and you on a date with Dipak. You know what the crazy thing was?'


'It made me hot to think of you being on a date with Dipak'

'That is crazy.'

'I know and I am feeling guilty about it.'

'No need to. You were there. It wasn't a date.'

'True but it felt like one...'

Anything else?'

'Actually yes. I found it excruciatingly when you guys stood up and when Dipak took your arm and you both turned to me and you said to the barman, but also to me.. 'I'm sure my husband will pay'. I could have died.'

'Well you didn't.'

'No But I felt as if I could'

'Dear dear Sunil... how hard you are... there must have been something you liked about it...'

I was trapped.

'What were you feeling?'

I was almost stuttering now..

'1.. 1...found it one of the most stimulating moments of my life.' 'What me standing holding Dipak's arm and saying you would pay? You truly are starting to worry me.... But it must be true as you’re as hard as anything and leaking precum all over my hand.'

Deepti had looked down at my cock and was now looking up into my face.

I could only nod.

'This truly is a different night...'

I nodded. It was all I could do.


Deepti was prodding me again. I had sort of gone into dreamland..

'When later after dinner we went to that club and you danced with Dipak. Especially in that slow dance when he held you close and, although it was dark, I am sure I saw his hand slip down over your bottom.. and... I am not sure, I probably imagined it, but I thought he might have given you quite a kiss on the mouth.'

As a I said these words Deepti blushed.

'So he did?'


'Did you return the kiss?'

'Only a little... but if I had known how you feel maybe I should have given him a deeper one...'

I felt as if I would cum again on the spot. I was trying to 'fuck' the hand Deepti was holding round my cock. She was now smiling at me in a mischievous way. She knew.

'Who's an excited little boy then??'

Little boy?????? With that I came again all over her hand. Damn

'What did you do that for?'

'I just couldn't help myself.'

'Well I'm not going to get fucked tonight am I?

Clearly Deepti was not happy.

'You should have been able to control yourself, you've never been able to get it up three times in a night even when we were on our honeymoon.'

'I normally can control myself as you know, but for whatever reason tonight I couldn't.
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